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The briefing room: Decarbonising regional Australia

Australia’s regions face growing uncertainty as shifts to decarbonise global supply chains risk leaving industrial regions behind. Yet the global shifts present enormous opportunities for economic growth while significantly reducing emissions across the country.


Australian Industry Energy Transitions Initiative – Phase 1 Report

Emissions from Australia’s industrial supply chains are considered ‘hard-to-abate’ because addressing them poses more technological and commercial challenges than encountered in other sectors of the economy.


The briefing room: Industry and the global net zero transition

Australia can be competitive and remain a major export economy as the world decarbonises. But the transition challenges are real, and the solutions go beyond what a single player can achieve alone.


The briefing room: Industry transitions

The positive outcomes for Australia’s economy in a shift towards zero emissions are well-canvassed. But what does this look like for heavy industry, in the context of the economic recovery?


Decarbonisation futures: industry

Can we reduce emissions and grow our industrial sector by transforming the way we extract, make and supply goods? Decarbonisation Futures: Industry has found that there are innovations that can help reduce emissions while growing industry in Australia.


Industrial demand side response potential

This report was commissioned by the federal government as a first step in improving public information on demand response potential in the industrial sector.


Industrial energy efficiency data analysis project (IEEDA)

This series investigates the energy efficiency opportunities available to medium to large industrial energy users. In 2012, Climateworks published the Inputs to the energy savings initiative modelling from the Industrial energy efficiency data analysis project and a summary report Industrial energy efficiency: summary of key findings from the ESI data analysis project.


IEEDA – summary of key findings from the ESI Project

Extensive analysis has created a significantly more detailed picture of energy efficiency opportunities in the industrial sector than was previously available.


IEEDA – inputs to the ESI modelling

The ‘Industrial energy efficiency data analysis (IEEDA)’ project was commissioned by the federal government and state governments through the National Strategy on Energy Efficiency.