Sustainable finance is gaining traction across the globe as financial systems and capital flows start to shift, supporting the achievement of global climate goals.

Climateworks supports financial sectors across Australia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific to implement more sustainable practices, and increase the flow of capital to companies, agencies and development bodies acting on climate.

To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and Paris Agreement, there must be alignment between sustainable climate solutions and the economy. Finance plays a crucial role, with trillions of dollars needed to achieve global transformation to sustainable economies. There is growing momentum in sustainable finance worldwide, with examples across Europe, the United Kingdom, Canada, China, Norway and Indonesia.  Nations can use the transition as an opportunity for seizing a comparative advantage.

Climateworks is working to ensure Australia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific have the resources required to seize these opportunities, and build a robust economy that benefits the wellbeing of people and the environment. We’re supporting the rollout of the Australian Sustainable Finance Roadmap which encourages financial institutions to develop decarbonisation pathways aligned to net zero emissions. Our Investment Vision Guide is being used by governments in  Southeast Asia, and other nations with developing economies, to guide the implementation of long term investment strategies. This is a growing space of work for Climateworks with exciting opportunities in our region to transform the finance system.