Rapid progress and plummeting costs in green tech supported by constant innovation are bringing net zero economies within reach. Nations that seize these opportunities can become global leaders in a decarbonised world and deliver greater benefits for their citizens.

Corporations, investors and governments are changing how they operate, to meet the goal of net zero emissions. In Australia, all states and territories have set targets to reach net zero emissions by or before 2050. Across Southeast Asia and the Pacific, developing economies have the chance to be at the forefront of the emerging ‘green race’ towards cleaner and less carbon-intensive forms of growth.

Climateworks supports governments with research and modelling, to find sustainable pathways towards net zero in line with the Paris Agreement. Our research provides insights on the economic opportunities that decarbonisation presents – most of which can be realised by investing in technological solutions that already exist. Our seminal report Decarbonisation Futures is a guide for Australian government and business decision-makers on priority technologies, deployment pathways and benchmarks for achieving net zero emissions. This research has informed our ongoing work across all levels of government in Australia, to support the development of ambitious goals and strategies to get there. 

Across the region, our investment vision guide for climate and development, Growth through transformation, supports governments to unlock the investment needed for developing economies to achieve outcomes in line with both the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.