Renewable energy has exceeded expectations, with growing momentum across the globe. A mature technology solution, it’s well-positioned for widespread deployment, when paired with market reform.

Climateworks is supporting Indonesia’s energy transition in line with net zero, and addressing blockers to a swift transition to renewable energy in Australia.

Worldwide, the increased uptake of zero-emissions energy technologies has led to a significant reduction in costs, with new large-scale renewable generation now less expensive than new fossil fuel generation. For nations to decarbonise, there is a heavy reliance on electricity to support other systems to transition. This means that the energy transition must be swift, moving at a faster pace than other systems. The good news is, the technology is already available and affordable.

Through the development of the Indonesia Electricity Roadmap, Climateworks is bringing together key stakeholders to design the energy system transition for Indonesia in line with net zero. By collaborating with key institutions, Climateworks is supporting the development of the long term energy scenarios, including strategies in sector coupling and coal phase out.   The roadmap focuses on ensuring hydrogen export potential is incorporated into energy grid planning and ensuring renewable energy zones and renewable energy in industrial precincts are accelerated and enabled at scale.