Can we reduce emissions and grow our industrial sector by transforming the way we extract, make and supply goods?

Decarbonisation Futures: Industry has found that there are innovations that can help reduce emissions while growing industry in Australia. The industrial sector is currently the largest driver of Australia’s emissions. Direct and indirect emissions contributed to over a third of emissions in 2017. Reducing industry emissions doesn’t have to mean reducing industrial activity.  

The summary report highlights that:

  • There are recent and emerging examples of innovations that reduce emissions in industry
  • We must incorporate the potential for innovations to disrupt industries or create new markets into planning in order to best capture opportunities and understand risks
  • Innovation is not quick and easy, the more time to develop and test ideas, the quicker they will be market ready and cost effective
  • We should act quickly to capture the potential opportunities of incorporating innovations into production

The summary report provides a taste of the decarbonisation potential across industry. Our Decarbonisation Futures report explores emerging technologies across the whole economy.