There is no single pathway to decarbonisation for Australia.

Despite limited time to meet our 1.5°C targets, there are a range of ways the country can get there, with opportunities across sectors to seize the benefits of a net zero future. Climateworks has most recently explored the potential pathways for two of those sectors, energy and industry, to support the speed and scale of Australia’s transition.

Join us for our second deep dive into decarbonising the nation, as we explore the role of pathways in guiding the transition to net zero emissions.

Hosted by Climateworks Research and Analysis Manager Michael Li, our panel of experts speak to our most recent analysis and findings, and what they could mean for industry and energy in Australia.

Ro Maxwell, our Senior Project Manager for Research, presents our latest industrial pathways and the role they can play in influencing the shape, scale and speed of the transition.

Glen Currie, Program Impact Manager for Energy, speaks to how our recent work has integrated with energy system planning to influence the energy transition.

This event was recorded 6 June, 2022 at 3:30pm AEST.

Please note: You don’t have to have seen part one of this series to enjoy this webinar. However, if you’d like to watch part one, you can find it on the Climateworks YouTube channel.


Ro Maxwell
Senior Project Manager (Research)

Ro is responsible for driving projects within the research, modelling and analysis team. This includes modelling projects in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders, and supporting the development of key knowledge assets for Climateworks, including decarbonisation scenarios.

Previously, Ro led research for the Australian Industry Energy Transition Initiative, providing expertise in industrial decarbonisation and translating this work for multiple stakeholders.

Glen Currie
Program Impact Manager – Energy System

Glen is responsible for managing and expanding the impacts of the Energy System program, focusing on delivering system scale change to support the Energy Transition. His research and teaching experience range from energy consumer and demand side research, solar PV business, pumped hydro, hydrogen, distribution, transmission, climate change and system engineering. 

A Fellow of Engineers Australia and the Australian Institute of Energy, Glen holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering and a Degree in Agricultural Engineering, both from the University of Melbourne and an MBA from the University of New England.


Michael Li
Research and Analysis Manager

Michael supports and coordinates research, modelling and analysis capabilities at Climateworks, in line with the organisation’s strategic objective of achieving systems-level change. This involves working closely with program delivery teams, and providing independent and objective advice on design and presentation. Michael also supports the capacity management and professional development of analysts working across Climateworks, and hosts forums for sharing best practices.