Transitioning to sustainable food, land and ocean systems can help us meet multiple sustainable development and climate change goals in a way that could improve health and livelihoods globally.

Globally, we are facing an opportunity to transition to sustainable food, land and oceans in a way that is not only better for the climate but has the potential to safeguard biodiversity, improve food security, ensure healthy diets, and build more resilient communities and industries. Realising these opportunities requires urgent action and a rapid turn-around from current practices. 

Climateworks is undertaking work on how we can transition towards sustainable food, land and ocean systems, shining a light on existing solutions and championing the need for integrated strategies that face into the challenge of working to achieve positive outcomes across multiple domains, including agriculture, water, biodiversity and greenhouse gas emissions. 

Our Land Use Futures program is bringing together key stakeholders to understand what a sustainable Australian food, agriculture and land use system might look like and how it can be achieved. As a result of this participatory approach with experts in government, the private sector, research and community organisations, Climateworks has contributed to growing momentum around natural capital, with a boom in recent projects including our own Natural Capital Investment Initiative.