Corporates face increasing pressure from shareholders, the market and their own employees to take climate action. As the world decarbonises, corporates can seize the opportunity to transform with it – or risk being left behind.

Climateworks is supporting the corporate sector to understand the why behind decarbonisation, and how to turn commitments into action.

Across the Australian economy, corporates are lagging in climate commitments aligned to the Paris Agreement. Climateworks and Monash Sustainable Development Institute’s Net Zero Momentum Tracker analysed key sectors of the Australian economy – property, banking, retail, superannuation, transport, retail, energy and resources. Our research shows only six organisations across all sectors are fully aligned with the goals of the Paris Agreement and aim to reach net zero by 2050.

Despite this, shifts are underway. With growing global ambition and external and internal pressures, corporates face a difficult question, how to stay relevant in an inevitable net zero economy.

As part of our systems approach, Climateworks is using our expertise in executive education, capacity building, tracking performance against best practice to support businesses and employees to set ambitious targets and meet them.