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Global temperatures for 2015-2020 are the warmest on record. To limit this rise, ambition needs to increase fivefold. That means halving emissions output each decade until 2050. These findings, from the United in Science 2019 Report, reaffirm the need for comprehensive action across the world.

Australia is responsible for over one per cent of global emissions, with less than half a per cent of the world’s population. Our emissions showed promise, dropping from 2008 onwards. However from 2013, they began rising again. 

Global effects of climate change are being felt. Temperatures during arctic winters have risen by 3 degrees since 1990. An increase in ocean temperatures has resulted in dying coral reefs and rising water levels.

It’s a critical time for action

Thanks to our supporters, we have worked with business, policy and across the whole economy to spur change over the past decade. The scale and speed at which we drive change in the next 10 years will decide our future.

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