There has been no central place to track net zero emissions commitments in Australia, until now

Economy-wide adoption of a net zero emissions ambition before 2050 is crucial to achieving the Paris Agreement. Many major global organisations have incorporated a goal of limiting global warming to well below 2°C, striving for 1.5°C. In Australia, businesses and governments are doing the same. But there has been no easy way to view or assess these commitments, making them difficult to track. The Net Zero Momentum Tracker brings emissions reduction commitments together in one place.

What we’re doing

Climateworks is undertaking analysis of commitments to reduce Australia’s emissions, working with the Monash Sustainable Development Institute. The initiative will produce regular updates on emissions reduction pledges and activity across key sectors.

Working with business and government

This project engages leaders across business, government, and industry peak bodies. We aim to understand the challenges and opportunities they face, communicate findings, and share lessons from those that are leading the way.

Tracking and driving momentum

We are tracking and driving momentum by demonstrating what organisations are doing, and how we can encourage more ambitious commitments.