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Winnie Panczel

In her former role at Climateworks, Winnie focused on the Renovation Pathways project to decarbonise and improve efficiencies within the residential buildings sector.


Thanneal So

Thanneal is an engagement and content delivery Project Officer within the Sustainable Corporates team. Collaborating with the capacity building and research team, her role includes procuring engagement strategies aimed at inspiring system-level transitions with decision-makers across Australia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific.  Prior to joining Climateworks, Thanneal was an environmental consultant providing risk management solutions to stakeholders in the areas of contaminated land and environmental due diligence.


Minalee Busi

Minalee was formerly a project officer in the ocean team. She supported research and analysis for the Southeast Asia Framework for Ocean Action in Mitigation (SEAFOAM) project, working to understand climate mitigation opportunities in the ocean-climate nexus, such as offshore energy and blue carbon.