Tom Wainwright

System Lead - Sustainable Corporates

Tom oversees a program of work designed to support Australian corporates on their path to net zero. This includes research and analysis to define best practice for corporate commitments and strategies to measure corporate progress. His team supports companies seeking to accelerate their net zero transition through training and education, including providing better understanding of issues and opportunities such as scope 3 emissions and the use of data and technology to address emissions challenges. The team also connects business with sustainable finance, and engages with governments and regulators to help them better work with the corporate sector towards the net zero end goal.

Tom was previously Program Manager of the Australian Industry Energy Transitions Initiative (ETI), collaborating with large industry and finance companies and government partners to decarbonise Australia’s hard-to-abate heavy industry supply chains.

Originally from a former coal-mining village in the north of England, Tom has travelled extensively, working in Europe and Singapore before arriving in Australia.

Before joining Climateworks, Tom developed his expertise in technology consulting and organisational change management, focusing on the people and change impacts of large-scale business transformations. This included leading a successful internal initiative to embed sustainability into the strategy and operations of a major consulting firm. He also worked to help Australian businesses achieve more sustainable outcomes across multiple sectors.

Tom has a law degree from Cambridge University as well as project management and human-centred design certifications, and is part of the Australian Global Talent Visa Program.