Dr Nelika Hughes

Senior Project Manager

Within Climateworks’ Australia Country team, Nelika provides strategic insights on cross-organisational issues, overseeing research and analysis to generate expert advice and solutions to help achieve Climateworks’ mission. Nelika acts as a key liaison point across Climateworks’ system teams and with key external stakeholders, working closely with both groups to achieve policy impact outcomes.

Nelika has an environmental management and research background with over 15 years of experience working across academic, government, and not-for-profit sectors. 

Prior to Climateworks, Nelika coordinated a series of complex environmental decision-making projects in consultation with state government agencies, Traditional Owners, and the broader community. She has worked on topics that are at the core of conservation issues in Australia and globally – particularly, problem species, fire ecology, and wildlife disease, and has led research projects in Australia, Europe, and Central Asia. 

Nelika has a PhD in Ecology and a Bachelor of Environmental Science with Honours, both from the University of New South Wales.