Melanie von Schorlemer

Project Manager

Melanie is responsible for scoping, implementation and review of key enabling systems which support project management, collaboration, analytics and dashboard reporting and customer relationship management. She leads training and development activities for staff and plays a key role in operationalising systems and designing work practices that leverage digital solutions.

Previously, Melanie worked within Climateworks’ International team, maintaining relationships with internal and external stakeholders and supporting the central Business Support team. This included managing international travel, meetings and events, coordinating Salesforce and implementing project management software for the organisation.

Prior to joining Climateworks, Melanie worked across various subsidiaries of Lufthansa German Airlines, a range of travel organisations, her own business and a customer service centre. She gained wide ranging administrative experience and has continually enhanced her professional and interpersonal skills in a global environment.

Melanie holds a Masters of Commerce from the University of Mannheim in Germany.