Jay Gordon

Jay worked within Climateworks’ Research, Analysis & Modelling team, coordinating modelling capabilities across the organisation.

Jay’s role included managing the development and application of the Aus-TIMES model, an implementation of the globally-recognised TIMES modelling framework that is co-owned by Climateworks and CSIRO. Aus-TIMES is one of the premier tools in Australia for developing decarbonisation pathways, underpinning much of Climateworks’ Australian scenario analysis.

During his time at Climateworks, Jay focused largely on modelling decarbonisation pathways. This included working with the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) and Transgrid, modelling some of the first 1.5-degree aligned climate scenarios designed to support electricity system planning in Australia.

Jay holds a Bachelor of Environments (Environmental Engineering Systems) and a Master of Geography from the University of Melbourne, with a research focus in palaeoclimatology.