Ian Porter

Ian led Climateworks’ program delivery team which aims to accelerate the transition to net zero emissions in Australia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific across four physical systems – Energy, Industry, Cities and Food, Land and Oceans – and three enabling systems: Sustainable Economies, Sustainable Finance and Sustainable Corporates. He ensured that Climateworks’ portfolio of programs had maximum impact on emissions reduction, during this transformational decade for climate change.

Ian Porter came to Climateworks with more than three decades of experience across climate change, energy and sustainability. Ian’s career began in theoretical nuclear chemistry. He recently completed a five year posting as Chief of Staff to the Victorian Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change. In between, he has been a senior public servant leading climate policy, the CEO of the not for profit organisation RENEW, and a Senior Consultant at the Nous Group – leading their climate change strategy work and also supporting leadership and culture development programs.

Ian has a B.Sc (Hons) in Chemistry from the University of Melbourne and is a Fellow of the Institute of Public Administration Australia (Victoria).