Guntur Sutiyono

Country Lead - Indonesia

Guntur leads Climateworks’ Indonesian team, enhancing Climateworks’ understanding of the region by providing context around policy, politics, and the economic landscape. His team is responsible for assessing opportunities and acting as a trusted advisor to stakeholders, with Guntur overseeing projects in sustainable finance, fiscal policy, energy, and support business development.

Prior to joining Climateworks, Guntur worked for the Climate Policy Initiative and the World Bank as an analyst covering topics including fiscal policy, public finance, climate finance, and environmental economics. Guntur has also worked with governments, local universities, and civil society organisations, providing analysis and capacity building. 

Guntur is passionate about marine life and rural communities. He started his career by working in research on reef economics and coastal communities. He has also worked as consultant for several projects covering issues as diverse as gender, energy, and forestry. Guntur has co-authored several reports in public financial management, fiscal policy, climate finance, land use, and energy policy.

Guntur holds a master’s degree in Development and Resource Economics from the Norwegian University of Life Science, and a Bachelor of Economics from University of Indonesia.