Eithne Cahill

Program Impact Manager

Eithne leads the delivery of a multi-year program called the Natural Capital Investment Initiative, which seeks to better integrate and make visible the value of nature in corporate and government decision-making. While markets have not traditionally acknowledged or measured the benefits of nature, our economies are entirely dependent on the environment and the natural world. This is now changing, with growing recognition that we cannot reach net zero without nature. And so, as the critical value of nature gains momentum, the program is working to ensure governments, financial institutions and food supply organisations are incentivising natural capital measurement and using the data to inform decision-making or disclose environmental risk. 

Following her passion to drive food system transformation, Eithne brings an extensive and diverse skill set to her role, having led food, nutrition and health programs for leading local and international food corporations, primary industries, start-ups and not-for-profits. She is also highly experienced in research translation, stakeholder engagement and collaboration with actors across the food value chain, government and public health sectors. Before joining Climateworks Centre, Eithne worked as an independent specialist consultant. 

Eithne holds a Bachelor with Honors in Human Nutrition and Dietetics and a PhD in Nutrition, both from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.