Dr Tyra Horngren

Senior Content Editor

Tyra works within the communications team, where she assists in translating Climateworks’ research and engagement activities into content that is engaging and easily understood by non-technical audiences. Her work includes writing, editing and proofreading new content to support Climateworks in influencing action on climate change. 

Previously, Tyra worked in the Industry System at Climateworks. She contributed to the Australian Industry ETI program as an analyst and author, translating model findings and program participant insights. She was a lead author of the program’s seminal report Pathways to Industrial Decarbonisation, published in 2023.

Before joining Climateworks, Tyra did a post-doctoral research fellowship where she worked on the development of new materials to enhance the solar conversion efficiencies of solar photovoltaics.

Tyra holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Melbourne.