Dr. Romy Zyngier

Senior Research Manager

Romy works within the Land Use Futures program, a multi-year, cross-sectoral initiative supporting the shift to sustainable food and land use in Australia, with national and international partners. Romy leads and directs the development of a research program that aims to fill multiple knowledge gaps in Australian food and land use systems. This includes working with Deakin University and the CSIRO to coordinate modelling and analysis exploring sustainable food and land use futures, in order to inform the development of actions and recommendations to achieve a more sustainable food and land use system in Australia.

Romy has over a decade of experience working in scientific research focused on land use and management, and carbon sequestration. Prior to joining Climateworks, Romy worked for the Victorian Government specialising in evaluation, and guiding the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, with partner agencies, to monitor, evaluate and report on the effectiveness of bushfire management on public land.

Romy holds a PhD in Soil Science, Honours in Biology and a Bachelors of Arts and Science from Monash University and a research fellowship at Cornell University (USA).