David Shaw

Senior Adviser Systems Change

David is leading the development of Climateworks’ monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) system, including approaches to support organisational, system and initiative level analysis and adaptation.  

His role includes designing and supporting learning-oriented processes that encourage teams to test and adjust their respective system-level Theories of Change as well as the ongoing refinement of organisational monitoring metrics and results. David also works with system teams to design and refine appropriate approaches to monitoring and evaluation, particularly for complex initiatives, that promote learning and adaptation. 

Over the past two decades, David led the development of design, monitoring and evaluation systems at organisational, thematic and programmatic levels.  Prior to joining Climateworks, he worked with WaterAid in Malawi and Zambia for several years, supporting teams with grant monitoring and research into water supply sustainability and coordinating evaluations of WaterAid’s work in countries across Africa, South-East Asia and the Pacific. In 2014, David moved within WaterAid to Australia, where he led the introduction and evolution of adaptive management and systems thinking to support more reflective, learning-oriented ways of working. 

David holds a MSc in Environmental Management (University of Bristol) and BA (Hons) in Business (University of Northumbria).