Astra Rushton-Allan

Senior Project Manager

Astra is focusing on the ocean-climate nexus across Southeast Asia, collaborating with a multidisciplinary team on the SEAFOAM project. Phase 1 of this project is providing recommendations on how the Indonesian government can include the ocean as a new category within its next Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) which are reported to the UNFCCC and sit at the heart of the Paris Agreement. 

She is also involved in partnership development, fundraising, and program design and delivery for the development of sustainable blue economic activities across the region.

Prior to joining Climateworks, Astra lived and worked across Asia Pacific, working closely with communities and local NGOs to deliver projects on sustainable agriculture, market access and climate resilience. 

She has experience working with experts in supply chain management, carbon markets/blue carbon and international certification, as well as collaborating with universities, private sector, civil society and not-for-profit organisations. Throughout all her work, Astra is committed to ensuring that the social and environmental impacts of projects are integrated into decision making processes.

Astra holds a Bachelor of Arts – undergraduate in Art History and honours degree in Anthropology, both from the University of Auckland in New Zealand.