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Climateworks Centre decarbonisation scenarios 2023: Australia can still meet the Paris Agreement

Climateworks Centre has a decade-long history of using scenario modelling to inform debate around decarbonisation pathways for Australia’s economy. Our latest scenarios show Australia can reduce emissions by 85 per cent by 2035.


Climateworks Centre decarbonisation scenarios 2023: About the modelling

Our model, AusTIMES, was developed by Climateworks and CSIRO based on the globally-recognised TIMES model from the International Energy Agency. AusTIMES provides a view of how the entire Australian economy could decarbonise at the lowest cost over time.


Natural Capital Measurement Catalogue

The Natural Capital Measurement Catalogue version 1.0 is available at naturalcapitalmeasurement.org Version 1 of the Natural Capital Measurement Catalogue (NCMC)  is an open resource that presents metrics and methods for the measurement of natural capital assets, flows of services or benefits, and organisational impacts or dependencies on nature.


Net Zero Momentum Tracker: Frequently asked questions

Common questions about our analysis of ASX200 emissions reduction commitments, answered. Climateworks Centre’s Net Zero Momentum Tracker provides greater visibility of corporate Australia’s progress towards a 1.5°C goal.


Net zero momentum tracker – online

There has been no central place to track net zero emissions commitments in Australia, until now. Click to visit netzerotracker.org The Net Zero Momentum Tracker monitors Australia’s progress towards net zero emissions across key sectors of the economy.


Australia’s land use

A web interactive exploring the different ways Australia’s land is used and managed. Australia’s land use forms part of the Land Use Futures program, which is working to develop integrated pathways and roadmaps for sustainable food and land use in Australia.