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The Briefing Room: 2022 climate review

Hear from our experts as they track this year’s Australian corporate and government progress towards a 1.5°C future. The 2022 Australian federal election shifted the national conversation on decarbonisation, and resulted in an increase in Australia’s ambition for emissions reduction.


The Briefing Room: Financing the region’s clean energy transition

Our experts share their analysis of energy transition finance, including priorities for Southeast Asia and the role that countries such as Australia can take in speeding up the transition.

The Briefing Room: The 1.5°C challenge and why Australia is well-placed to meet it

This webinar has been postponed. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated about future Climateworks events. Join us as we share our modelling insights and assessments of emerging policy trends.


The briefing room: Decarbonising regional Australia

Australia’s regions face growing uncertainty as shifts to decarbonise global supply chains risk leaving industrial regions behind. Yet the global shifts present enormous opportunities for economic growth while significantly reducing emissions across the country.


The briefing room: The twin challenge of tackling climate change while preserving nature

To limit warming to 1.5°C we need global emissions reduction as scale. But the protection and restoration of nature will also be vital to climate solutions.


The briefing room: After COP26 – How infrastructure can help deliver net zero

What does the future of Australia’s infrastructure look like, when seen through a low-carbon lens? Infrastructure influences around 70 per cent of Australia’s annual greenhouse gas emissions.


The briefing room: Chasing Southeast Asia’s green future

What does it take to develop the ASEAN green economy? Southeast Asia plays an increasingly important role globally, with the combined GDPs of the ASEAN trading group making it the fifth largest economy in the world.


State and corporate climate action – closing in on 1.5

Ambitious targets are just part of the equation for a 1.5 degree future. For decision makers in both business and government, the question is: how do we get there?


The briefing room: Industry and the global net zero transition

Australia can be competitive and remain a major export economy as the world decarbonises. But the transition challenges are real, and the solutions go beyond what a single player can achieve alone.


The briefing room: Transforming our food and land use systems – global trends and Australia’s opportunity

On Tuesday 20 July Climateworks Australia hosted a UN Food Systems Summit Independent Dialogue, putting the spotlight on sustainable food and land use systems, and the role Australia can play in supporting climate outcomes.


Building our future event series – Sustainable finance: Pathways, policy and trends

On Tuesday 8 December 2020 Climateworks and the British High Comission hosted a discussion on pathways to a robust and competitive sustainable finance sector in Australia.


Building our future event series – The business of net zero

The race is on to achieve net zero emissions by mid-century. On Tuesday 24 November our expert panel discussed where climate ambition is strongest globally, which countries and companies are leading the way, and how others can catch them.


Building our future event series – Clean technology: Energy and industry transitions

The race is on to achieve net zero emissions by mid-century. In the first of Climateworks and the British High Commission’s ‘Building our Future’ webinar series, our panel of experts discussed what it takes to unlock the potential of clean technology, the progress we’ve made around the world in clean energy transition, and what still needs to be done.


The briefing room: Growth through transformation – how governments can unlock investments that achieve climate and development goals

Achieving the Paris Agreement along with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development requires an estimated investment of US$2.6 trillion each year over the next decade for developing countries alone.

The Briefing Room: Retrofit for purpose – net zero in the built environment

Climateworks’ Decarbonisation Futures sets an urgent challenge: energy performance of housing must improve, on average, by nearly fifty percent in the next decade for Australia to reach net zero emissions by 2050.


The briefing room: Food and land use transitions

Globally, experts have identified ten critical transitions that can improve how we produce food and manage land. These include ways to cut emissions, enhance ecosystems, build regional communities’ resilience and protect food security.


The briefing room: Transport – moving to zero

New Climateworks research identifies the solutions available now to shift Australia’s transport network to net zero emissions. But the barriers are real.


The briefing room: Industry transitions

The positive outcomes for Australia’s economy in a shift towards zero emissions are well-canvassed. But what does this look like for heavy industry, in the context of the economic recovery?


The briefing room: The energy transition

Recent research from Climateworks and CSIRO shows that viable paths to zero emissions exist for all major economic sectors in Australia.  On 13 May 2020 as part of the Climateworks webinar series ‘the briefing room’, CEO Anna Skarbek joined CSIRO’s Chief Energy Economist Paul Graham and Morgan Stanley’s Rob Koh on the pathway to net zero energy.


The briefing room: Decarbonisation Futures

In April 2020 Climateworks Australia launched Decarbonisation Futures, which sets out detailed evidence of how major sectors of the Australian economy can move to net zero emissions and keep warming below 2 degrees, and even 1.5 degrees.