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Growth through transformation: An investment vision guide for climate and development

To achieve outcomes in line with both the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris Agreement, developing countries will require an estimated investment of US$2.6 trillion each year over the next decade.

How to read a marginal abatement cost curve

A marginal abatement cost curve – or MACC – is simple to understand when you break it down.  In this context, ‘abatement’ means ‘reducing’.


SMART tool

This Strategic Mitigation, Adaptation and Resilience Tool (SMART) is a downloadable Excel resource which accompanies the Horizon to Horizon guide. It has been designed to help Pacific Island leaders identify and better understand interactions between mitigation actions and adaptation and resilience priorities.


Horizon to horizon

Pacific Island countries face unique challenges and vulnerabilities. As a result, countries must chart their own path towards a desirable, prosperous and sustainable future.


Could boosting energy productivity improve your investment performance? A guide for investors

A tool to encourage investors and companies to engage with energy-related issues. The guide is to be used alongside a dedicated website where investors will find detailed energy productivity findings by industrial sector and by company.


Energy Productivity Index for Companies

Could boosting energy productivity improve your investment performance? As part of the ‘Energy Productivity Index for Companies’ project, Climateworks Australia developed an index analysing the energy productivity of 70 global listed industrial companies across six sectors – airlines, automobiles, chemicals, construction, paper and steel.