There is now a high level of political momentum towards a net zero emissions development pathway in Vietnam. This is providing a lucrative environment for investment opportunities for green growth through a surge in demand for key decarbonisation technologies.

The significance of diversifying the supply chain is becoming more evident as renewable energy, energy storage, hydrogen and semiconductor technologies become more dominant in the global economy. A potential disruption of the supply chain, such as higher commodity prices, or geopolitical tensions could potentially bring economy-wide repercussions, either delaying the energy transition or making it more expensive. 

As a global trade hub with progressive trade policies, Vietnam has an important role to play in global diversification efforts. 

Developed as part of the Australia-Vietnam Green Economy Program, led by Asialink and Climateworks Centre and supported by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, this policy brief highlights the vast potential for Vietnam to export decarbonisation opportunities, and the role of Australian companies looking to tap into them.

The Australia-Vietnam Green Economy Program aims to foster collaboration between government and business in the green economy.