How can we move people and goods in the most efficient, safe and sustainable way?

Private transport is transforming rapidly as electric and autonomous vehicles, car and ride share services disrupt the status quo. These changes could have massive implications, extending beyond the vehicle industry to government regulation and urban design of our cities. Little research has been undertaken to consider the impact on consumers and society.

  • Emerging trends in the sector include:
  • Electrification
  • Autonomous technology
  • New business models
  • Connected cars (electronic control and wirelessly connected)

This report is one chapter of a broader project, by a collaboration between Monash Research partners. It was developed to examine current knowledge and identify gaps in research we need to address if we are to better understand the challenges and opportunities that future transport may present.

Governments and regulators need to prepare for and develop policy that shapes the rapidly changing transport system. This will ensure that this evolving sector is shaped to deliver positive environmental and social outcomes.

Policy options for enabling a positive transport future include:

  • Road pricing
  • Road use regulations
  • Incentivising car-sharing and ride-sharing
  • Planning for the integration of electric vehicles into the electricity grid
  • Zero emission vehicle policy