Our experts share their analysis of energy transition finance, including priorities for Southeast Asia and the role that countries such as Australia can take in speeding up the transition.

This webinar was recorded on Tuesday 25 October, 2022

As delegates from around the world prepared to travel to Egypt for the COP27 UN climate change conference, Egyptian officials identified finance as a priority discussion topic for the conference. Meanwhile, climate and energy were named as key issues ahead of the G20 summit in Indonesia.

The practicalities of financing the energy transition have been a focus of Climateworks Centre since its inception and we have some of the region’s leading experts spearheading our work.

With the most recent IPCC report warning that finance is still flowing too slowly to meet mitigation targets — particularly in developing economies — watch now to hear about our latest work on unlocking the billions of dollars needed for a just energy transition in Southeast Asia and beyond. 

The event is hosted by our Head of International Meg Argyriou, who will give an overview of the current state of energy transition investment in the region. 

Dr Emi Gui, Climateworks’ Energy System Lead, discusses some of the key factors and uncertainties affecting energy transition and clean energy investments in Southeast Asian countries. She also provides an overview of the barriers and challenges to financing the energy transition and possible interventions to mitigate those in achieving net zero goals.

Indonesia Country Lead Guntur Sutiyono highlights why a just transition is key for developing economies such as Indonesia. He also looks at the country’s climate finance landscape and examine why leadership on the issue is a key part of the nation’s G20 presidency. 

Australia Country Lead Anna Malos outlines ways Australia could support the energy transformation in developing economies. Anna also looks at the changes Australia can make to its energy industry that could support transition across the region. 

These presentations are followed by a discussion and Q&A session.


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Dr Emi Gui

Dr Emi Gui
Systems Lead – Energy

Emi leads initiatives and programs in energy system decarbonisation, electricity sector transitions and net zero energy planning in Australia and Southeast Asia. Emi works with policy-makers, industry stakeholders, research communities and think tanks; facilitating knowledge collaboration, and capacity building, aiming to strengthen the links between energy and climate.

Prior to Climateworks Emi worked for 15 years in energy consulting and research, including policy design, the electricity market, energy infrastructure planning and renewable energy market research.

Emi is a member of the Council of Engineers for the Energy Transition, a high-level body of engineers and energy systems experts who serve as an independent advisory council to the UN Secretary-General.

Guntur Sutiyono

Guntur Sutiyono
Country Lead – Indonesia

Guntur leads Climateworks’ Indonesian team, enhancing understanding of the region by providing context around policy, politics, and the economic landscape. Guntur oversees projects in sustainable finance, fiscal policy and energy, and supports business development.

Prior to joining Climateworks, Guntur worked for the Climate Policy Initiative and the World Bank as an analyst covering topics including fiscal policy, public finance, climate finance, and environmental economics. Guntur has also worked with governments, local universities, and civil society organisations, providing analysis and capacity building.

Anna Malos

Anna Malos
Country Lead – Australia

Anna heads the Australian Country Context team which takes an outward-facing approach to enhance Climateworks’ understanding of the political and economic landscape. Anna focuses on influencing policy and investment, and managing relationships with senior stakeholders.

Prior to Climateworks, Anna was Assistant Director at the Climate Change Authority. She also worked on climate policy, including as Director of the Climate Action Network Australia and in the Victorian Government.


Meg Argyriou 
Head of International and Country Context

Meg leads Climateworks’ International and Country Context teams, with a focus on business development, strategic relationship management and political and policy context analysis across Australia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands. 

She led the expansion of Climateworks’ footprint into Southeast Asia and the Pacific, including establishing a team in Indonesia. She has also led global and regional strategic relationship-building to position Climateworks as a partner of choice internationally.