Climateworks has made a submission to the Australian Government’s Technology Investment Roadmap Discussion Paper. Climateworks welcomes the paper’s recognition of the suite of solutions available to reduce Australian emissions. In this submission, Climateworks identifies the normalisation of the ‘net zero emissions by 2050’ goal as the key trend shaping the Roadmap. Climateworks suggests five priority areas for investment:

  1. Electricity: Renewable energy and energy storage technologies and demand management, including energy efficiency in the end use sectors
  2. Transport: Electric transport (cars, buses, trucks, passenger and freight rail), efficient transport (public and active transport) and zero emissions fuels (biofuels, renewable hydrogen and ammonia)
  3. Buildings: Zero emissions (or carbon positive) buildings
  4. Industry: Renewable heat, renewable feedstocks and electrification of industrial processes and carbon capture and storage
  5. Land: Sustainable agriculture and carbon sequestration.

Read the overview of the submission or the statement on the Roadmap