Water and land.
The Natural Capital Measurement Catalogue version 1.0 is available at naturalcapitalmeasurement.org

Version 1 of the Natural Capital Measurement Catalogue (NCMC)  is an open resource that presents metrics and methods for the measurement of natural capital assets, flows of services or benefits, and organisational impacts or dependencies on nature.

It is intended to demonstrate a possible new arrangement of natural capital metrics found in the proof of concept version (see below), plus some further extensions. For example, the scope has broadened to include forestry and conservation land use types. It will continue to be refined and progressed, and we welcome your feedback.

On this page you can find an excel spreadsheet containing the source data of Version 1, as well as our first proof-of-concept catalogue.

Proof of concept

The proof-of-concept Natural Capital Measurement Catalogue (NCMC) outlines a comprehensive set of natural capital, production and financial measures to be measured at the property level. It currently focuses on agricultural land use (broad-acre cropping and grazing) with the intent to include other land use types in the future.

The NCMC was developed in Phase 1 of the Natural Capital Investment Initiative (NCII) and will continue to be refined and progressed. Further information on its development, purpose, and use can be found the the NCII Phase 1 Report