Australia’s first comprehensive guide to reaching zero emissions in the transport sector.

Moving to zero: Accelerating the transition to zero-emissions transport is Australia’s first comprehensive guide to reaching zero emissions in the transportation sector.

It draws from an extensive survey of over 300 reports, research papers, news articles and transport policy documents, which where were collated over nine months. The report identifies the current state of the Australian transport system and outlines actions to support emissions reductions.

Although transport has been one of Australia’s largest and fastest-growing sources of emissions, the report finds the sector is ripe for transformation, with many emissions-reduction solutions ready for widespread implementation.

The transport sector knows what’s needed to accelerate Australia’s transition to zero-emissions transport systems, with many solutions ready to roll out today. Widespread, rapid adoption of well-established strategies and demonstrated technologies can achieve much of what is needed this decade.

Michael Li, Moving to Zero report author and Senior Project Manager

The report distils its literature review into twelve key recommendations, across three areas. It suggests that decision-makers in government and business:

  • Align transport, infrastructure and land use strategies and targets with zero emissions goals
  • Shift to lower emissions transport (avoiding travel, public transport, walking, cycling, freight rail)
  • Promote renewable-powered electric vehicles (or renewable fuelled vehicles)

The research shows where zero-emissions transport can play an important role in Australia’s economic recovery from COVID-19. Stimulus can boost local manufacturing, create jobs and improve the liveability of cities and communities.