In November 2021, Climateworks had the opportunity to respond to the Inquiry into Renewable Energy in Victoria. 

Climateworks supports transitioning Victoria to 100 per cent renewable energy. Achieving 100 per cent renewable energy is central to reducing emissions in Victoria in line with the state’s climate change ambitions. Doing so rapidly will ensure Victoria capitalises on the export opportunities available from industries being powered by renewable energy, as well as capturing co-benefits related to lower energy prices, better health outcomes, and improved energy reliability and security. Delaying action on reducing emissions will mean a sharper, more disruptive and costly transition in the future. 

Climateworks has modelled a scenario of the Australian economy that is aligned to the goal of the Paris Agreement to keep global temperature rise to below 1.5 degrees. In this scenario, Victoria reaches 100 per cent renewable electricity by 2030. This is possible in Victoria through a combination of investments in renewable electricity generation and storage, with the retirement of existing fossil fuel generation assets. Climateworks highlights that, in addition to an increase in share of renewables, an increase in total electricity generation capacity is needed as sectors electrify this decade.