New buildings in northern Australia present unique opportunities and challenges in reducing emissions. Differing climate, materials and practices make a region-specific pathway essential.

In July 2018, the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (ASBEC) and Climateworks Australia released the first Built to Perform report as part of the Building Code Energy Performance Project. It found that by 2030, even modest improvements in Code energy efficiency could make a difference. It could see between 25-27 per cent of the energy savings requirements in new residential buildings. It could also see 22-38 per cent of required energy savings for commercial sector buildings and 38-56 per cent for public sector buildings. The report assesses how the Code can reduce emissions in line with overarching zero carbon targets.

In November the same year, we launched Built to Perform in Northern Australia. It builds on Built to Perform, whilst acknowledging contextual differences in the region.

This approach can support higher building energy performance at a lower cost. As a result emissions and power bills would reduce. This means a National Construction Code with stronger energy performance targets is a win-win for all.