Our latest decarbonisation pathways for Australia’s economy show Australia can still decarbonise in line with the Paris Agreement, with increased ambition.

In this webinar, the team behind these results unpack how we got here, what’s changed since our previous Paris-aligned scenarios released in 2020, and what Australia can do to seize the opportunities the new scenarios present.

Earlier this year, UN secretary general António Guterres called upon the world to ‘massively fast-track climate efforts by every country and every sector and on every timeframe’.

Climateworks’ 2023 scenarios show Australia can heed this call. 

The new scenarios represent the lowest-cost options for decarbonising Australia’s economy in line with the Paris Agreement goals – limiting warming to well below 2°C with an aim of 1.5°C.

Author Michael Li shares insights into the scenarios and the decarbonisation opportunities they present for the nation.

He is joined by Climateworks Head of Strategy, Wei Sue, who speaks on the shifts since our last release, Decarbonisation Futures.

Our Country Lead for Australia, Anna Malos shares what this means for Australia in the lead-up to COP28 and for its bid to host COP31.

Your host is Climateworks CEO, Anna Skarbek.

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This webinar was recorded on Tuesday, 21 November 2023. Anna Skarbek’s intro was rerecorded for the YouTube version due to connection issues at the start of the live event.


Wei Sue
Head of Strategy

Wei leads Climateworks’ Strategy team, applying strategic thinking across the organisation’s systems to support ambition for real-life impact at scale. This includes leading the design, implementation and review of Climateworks’ strategic goals, as well as driving organisation-wide capabilities such as research and modelling. She also works to build collaboration efforts within and across Climateworks teams, as well as with external stakeholders.

Michael Li
Research and Analysis Manager

Michael supports and coordinates research, modelling and analysis capabilities at Climateworks, in line with the organisation’s strategic objective of achieving systems-level change. This involves working closely with program delivery teams, and providing independent and objective advice on design and presentation. Michael also supports the capacity management and professional development of analysts working across Climateworks, and hosts forums for sharing best practices.

Anna Malos smiles. Green background.

Anna Malos
Country Lead – Australia

Anna heads the Australian Country Context team which takes an outward facing approach to enhance Climateworks’ understanding of the political and economic landscape. Anna focuses on influencing policy and investment, and managing relationships with senior stakeholders. Her role includes building our ability to partner with stakeholders and funders, supporting external partners to engage across the full range of our work and ensuring our teams make the most of opportunities to create systems change.


Anna Skarbek
CEO, Climateworks Centre

Anna Skarbek is CEO of Climateworks Centre, working to develop the low carbon economy. A former banker and green policy adviser, Anna has led Climateworks since its creation in 2009, analysing emissions reduction opportunities, setting the ambition and unblocking barriers to implementation.