1. Introduction

We’re bringing Australian industry together to accelerate action towards achieving net zero supply chains by mid century.

As the world economy decarbonises and countries and companies set goals for net zero emission by 2050, the ability of Australia’s industrial sectors to transition is of real significance for the Australian economy and the country’s ability to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement.

The Australian Industry Energy Transitions Initiative brings together leaders from industry and business to coordinate learning and action on net zero emissions supply chains. Australian Industry ETI invites interest from across the network of Australia’s emissions-intensive industry and related business. 

Visit the Australian Industry Energy Transitions Initiative website.

Read the launch announcement, with participant statements.

What we’re doing

Climateworks Centre and Climate-KIC Australia are conveners of the initiative, in collaboration with the Energy Transitions Commission. We are harnessing industry knowledge to develop pathways and actions that can accelerate emissions reductions across whole supply chains – in sectors where abatement has traditionally faced structural challenges. 

Specifically, it will focus on opportunities across five supply chains which collectively contribute more than a quarter of Australia’s annual greenhouse gas emissions and generate exports worth around $160 billion. These include steel, aluminium, liquified natural gas, other metals (such as lithium, copper and nickel) and chemicals (including explosives and fertiliser).

A collective effort

Supply chains embody the highly complex and interconnected nature of the global economy, and include finance, investment and customer decisions, as well as operations such as the extraction of raw materials, processing and distribution. Tackling these complex systems presents additional challenges to industry.

The Australian Industry ETI is an effort to collectively learn, develop research and find actions that move broader industry sectors toward net zero emissions in supply chains.

2. How we'll get there


Current situation & future possibilities

This phase will deepen an understanding of existing supply chain dynamics and identify barriers, opportunities (including technologies) and early action projects that can support industry to move towards a future of net zero supply chains.


Promising pathways

Through this phase, credible pathways for industry to transition to net zero emissions will be developed through rigorous analysis and a portfolio of implementation projects will be identified.


Enabling transitions

In this phase, practical actions to drive investment and industry development for net zero emissions transitions will be identified, drawing on knowledge from the research and analysis together with learnings from the network and the growing portfolio of implementation projects.

3. Our partners

Rocky Mountain Institute
and in collaboration with
Energy Transitions Commission

4. Our team

Our Australian Industry Energy Transitions Initiative team has experience in sustainability, partnerships, policy, strategy, environment, data management, analysis, geology and more.