1. Introduction

Australia and Vietnam have shared ambitions to realise opportunities within the green economy.

The Australia-Vietnam Green Economy Program, an initiative led by Asialink and Climateworks Centre and supported by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, aims to foster collaboration between government and business in the green economy. 

The project will do this by developing knowledge products, enabling connections, enhancing business capabilities and facilitating government-to-government dialogue. 

The project is dedicated to harnessing the green economy’s potential, focusing on sustainable development, the creation of jobs and growth and the transition to a net-zero economy powered by renewable resources. 

It will include a series of insightful briefing papers and roundtables, culminating in a capstone summit and a training academy. Businesses will gain unparalleled insights into the opportunities and challenges of realising Vietnam and Australia’s shared ambition and imperative to transition to a clean energy economy. 

The program aims to foster an enabling environment for businesses, foster dialogue, and enhance the knowledge and capabilities of Australian businesses to tap into the green economy.

2. What we're doing


Building capacity for engagement

Further equipping Australian businesses with the tools, knowledge and connections they need to engage effectively with the Vietnamese market, a series of short briefing papers will advance Australian businesses' understanding of Vietnam’s green economy, exploring topics such as Geopolitics of the Green Economy, Decarbonising Energy Generation and Consumption, and Sustainable Finance.


Strengthening partnerships

A Green Economy Summit and training academy will build and strengthen partnerships across both countries' business, policy, and academic spheres, with the aim of placing sustainable development and relationships at the centre of economic engagement, leading to sustainable business partnerships that benefit people and the planet.


Enhancing the enabling environment for trade and investment

Ultimately, the program aims to facilitate two-way trade and investment between Australia and Vietnam’s green economies, facilitating connections in renewable energy, raising awareness of green finance frameworks and opportunities across both nations and promoting sustainable investment.

3. Our partners

The initiative is led by Asialink and Climateworks Centre and supported by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade