Indonesia has the opportunity to support its ambitious development goal and need for jobs to match with climate action that could see it as a leader in the region.

Climateworks started working in Indonesia on a project by project basis in 2015. Now, we have a physical presence with our country-based team working with think tanks and international donors as well as government stakeholders to support climate solutions focused on key systems of the economy.

Indonesia’s urban centre is driving the country’s economy, and it is set to be the largest in the world over the next decade. At the same time Indonesia’s major cities  are vulnerable to flooding and sea-level rise as a result of climate change.

The size of Indonesia’s economy and market means the country is in a strong position to scale innovation and technology and influence policy in Southeast Asia. By taking strong, swift action towards a net zero economy, Indonesia could not only support its growing urban population, it could help the region become a leader in the global transition.

Climateworks has worked with decision makers in Indonesia across the energy, sustainable finance and sustainable economy systems, with scope to work in sustainable land use and oceans.