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Mandatory climate-related financial disclosures for Australian companies, explained

The Australian Treasury has released a proposal setting out the climate-related information many companies may soon need to disclose. The recent exposure draft released by the Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB) outlines the proposed disclosures in full.  Under the proposal, companies will need to disclose climate-related information as part of their general financial reporting, starting as early as July 2024 for some companies.  Australian Security & Investments Commission chair Joe Longo described the shift as the ‘biggest change to corporate reporting in a generation’.


How does climate change affect my business?

The impacts of climate change are increasingly being felt across businesses in all industries.  Understanding the effects of climate change is key to the long-term commercial success of any business.


In conversation with Senior Analyst Coral Bravo

Coral Bravo leads the data gathering and analysis for Climateworks’ Net Zero Momentum Tracker project, which shows how Australia’s largest companies (ASX200) have tracked against their publicly available climate commitments.


Half of Australia’s biggest companies have net-zero emissions plans, but there’s more to be done

About half of Australia’s biggest listed companies have plans to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, our new analysis has found. We assessed the climate change commitments of 187 companies out of 200 listed on the Australian Stock Exchange – the ASX200.


Study of ASX200 finds 44% increase this year in Australian companies setting long term 1.5°C climate targets

Twenty-three of Australia’s largest companies have their emissions under long term net zero targets which are aligned with the 1.5°C goal of the Paris Agreement, according to a Climateworks Centre study of ASX200 company climate commitments.

Building capacity in business for net zero planning to drive systemic change

We are in the midst of a transformational decade and one that will be defined by the world’s ability to transition to a net zero emissions economy.

Finding climate-aligned solutions amid new and ongoing economic challenges for Australia

Two years ago, Climateworks Centre set up a group to focus on stimulating the Australian economy with climate-aligned measures to fend off a possible post-COVID recession.


Climateworks Centre and Monash Sustainable Development Institute are providing training to support Westpac  employees on pathway to net zero

Supported by Climateworks Centre and Monash Sustainable Development Institute, Westpac is taking steps to ensure their employees have the knowledge and skills to support customers along their Paris-aligned transition.


Australia can chart a 1.5 degree compatible path, here’s how: Event summary

In October, Climateworks hosted an expert panel presenting findings from two new reports which spotlight the urgent actions needed from companies and state and territory governments.


Climateworks report shows what net zero best practice means for business and reveals examples of Australian companies getting it right

Two Australian ASX-listed companies have set net zero emissions targets fully aligned with global science and there is evidence of growing climate leadership in most corporate sectors.


Energy sector climate commitments are insufficient for Australia to achieve a Paris-aligned transition to net zero: report

Australia’s energy companies are starting to move on emissions, but the country’s highest-emitting sector can and must set a faster transition pace.


Australia’s resources sector is preparing for the global net zero transition, but action to address the most significant source of emissions falls well short of the 2050 goal: report

Resource companies are moving their operations towards net zero by 2050, but more action is needed to address downstream scope 3 emissions, according to a new report about the climate commitments of Australia’s 22 largest resource companies.


Climate change and carbon management strategies for tomorrow’s leaders

Where might the corporate leaders of the future learn to fight climate change today?  Climateworks’ Holly Dillabough knows a place. She’s the course coordinator for a unit called ‘Climate change and carbon management strategies’, that Climateworks delivers to masters degree students in the Faculty of Business and Economics at Monash University.

Australian superannuation funds on the cusp of climate action: report

Superannuation sector efforts to address climate change risks are accelerating in Australia, according to a new report about Australia’s 20 largest licensed funds.

Retailers are realising their important role in reducing Australia’s carbon emissions

Major retailers in Australia wield significant economic influence. The sector is Australia’s second largest employer after healthcare, determines consumer choices and affects suppliers, producers and manufacturers across many economic sectors.

Is your company prepared for the climate transition?

The shift towards a decarbonised future is now well underway. Big players in our global economy are moving as part of a global trend towards climate action.

Cities of Sydney and Melbourne among councils leading momentum to net zero emissions.

Local governments hold significant influence over Australia’s emissions through their connection to people, households and business. Cities account for 70 per cent of emissions globally.

Local governments helping cut resident and business emissions to zero

Local governments can play an important role in reducing Australia’s carbon emissions. In fact, many already are. New research by Climateworks Australia, with the Monash Sustainable Development Institute as part of the Net Zero Momentum Tracker initiative, analyses the climate commitments and activities of 57 local government areas covering over half of the Australian population.

Monash Lens: One overarching ask for business and investors: Do you have a plan to achieve zero emissions?

An excerpt from Anna Skarbek’s piece in Monash Lens, One overarching ask for business and investors: Do you have a plan to achieve zero emissions?


Australian banks are taking steps towards net zero emissions, but actions are not yet comprehensive

Australia’s 20 largest banks are taking steps to reduce emissions from their investment and lending portfolios, but their actions are ad hoc and not yet fully aligned to the net zero goal of the Paris Climate Agreement, according to the latest Net Zero Momentum Tracker report.


Major Australian property companies are making progress towards net zero emissions

Sector-wide adoption of a net zero ambition is critical to achieving the global mandate to keep temperatures well below 20C whilst striving for 1.50C.


New initiative underway to show Australian organisations’ progress towards net zero emissions

A national tracker of emissions reduction pledges by Australian companies, governments and organisations is part of a new initiative being launched today by Climateworks Australia working within the Monash Sustainable Development Institute.

Australian retailers missing out on billions in energy savings

Research released today by National Australia Bank (NAB) and Climateworks reveals that a focussed investment in energy efficient initiatives could be more significant for retail businesses’ overall performance than hitting forecast growth numbers.