Climateworks CEO Anna Skarbek is delighted to announce that the external and internal recruitment process for the organisation’s new Head of Strategy led all the way back to within our very own talent pool, with Wei Sue accepting the role.

Anna echoed sentiments from both the Executive Leadership team and the many staff who know and work with Wei, in celebrating her well-deserved rise through the ranks, and the value this represents for Climateworks:

‘Wei will move seamlessly into a role that champions both her outstanding strategic thinking across systems and her leadership nous. Her skills are already a great asset to our work – and with our focus firmly directed on a 1.5 degree Celsius trajectory, Wei’s commitment and drive will amplify our ambition at an ideal point in time.’

Wei Sue is Climateworks Centre’s new Head of Strategy.

Wei Sue will replace Amandine Denis-Ryan who, for eleven years, held leadership roles at Climateworks, making significant contributions at every stage of our development as an organisation. Amandine recently accepted the role of CEO of IEEFA Australia and will remain connected to Climateworks as a Monash Affiliate.

Building on her success, Wei will further develop Climateworks’ organisational capabilities in systems change acceleration, research and analysis, policy, finance and corporate practices. 

Wei joined Climateworks in 2012 from a sustainability consultancy, and over the years held various roles.

She has led major projects developing decarbonisation strategies, including Monash University’s Net Zero Strategy and managing the ‘Energy Productivity Index for Companies’ project, which supported investors with information needed to engage portfolio companies on energy issues. 

Wei also co-authored major Climateworks publications including the ‘Energy Management and Company Competitiveness’ and ‘Industrial Energy Efficiency Data Analysis’ reports. She supported the Australian Industry Energy Transitions Initiative (ETI), working with large corporations in Australia’s hard-to-abate sectors. 

Broadening her skills and experience, Wei left Climateworks for a few years to work in energy consulting, during which time she also co-founded a highly successful medtech startup.

She returned to Climateworks to join the senior leadership group as our Sustainable Corporates System Lead. In that role, Wei led projects including our Net Zero Momentum Tracker, modelling with CSIRO of a 1.5-degree scenario for Australian Energy Market Operator’s (AEMO) Integrated System Plan, our education programs with Monash & MSDI, and much more.  

Wei commences her new role on 1 August, and, given her deep knowledge and experience within Climateworks, she’ll no doubt hit the ground running.

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