If you’re in need of some summer reading, check out our suggestions, plus a handy overview of our digital events.

James Button – a longtime friend of Climateworks – asks ordinary Australians what global warming means to them. The Monthly.

A long extract from Judith Brett’s acclaimed Quarterly Essay on coal and Australian politics. The Monthly.

Climate journalist Ketan Joshi argues that science communication needs both data and emotion. The Guardian.

Max Roser deep dives into the science and the economics of how renewables became so cheap. Our World in Data.

Lane Sainty suggests the bushfires and Covid together provide a chance to build back better. The Guardian.

Adam Morton examines the infrastructure projects from which a clean energy nation might emerge. The Guardian.

Ross Garnaut on opportunities for transforming Australia into a renewable superpower. The Sydney Morning Herald.

A remarkable photo essay about the Australian bushfires by Aletheia Casey. The Guardian.

Novelist James Bradley argues for hope and resilience on a changing planet. Sydney Review of Books.