KADIN Net Zero Hub has signed a two-year MoU with Monash University, Indonesia and Climateworks Centre to build capacity within Indonesia’s private sector and to accelerate corporate commitment to net zero emissions.

KADIN established the Net Zero Hub to connect the Indonesian private sector with the global sustainability movement. It helps companies start their net zero journeys by providing resources, toolkits and guidelines. 

The Net Zero Hub also serves as a pledge platform for members to set net zero targets, track progress, and execute their goals. 

With the new MoU, the KADIN Net Zero Hub has taken a significant step towards implementing its vision of a net zero private sector aligned to decarbonised global economy. 

As a part of the global world trade ecosystem, industrial decarbonisation in Indonesia is not only a matter of climate conscious actions, but also a matter of competitiveness. Gone are the days where a country’s competitive advantage is only measured by fiscal and non-fiscal incentives, the dynamics of today’s competitiveness must also be considered for industrial decarbonisation.

Muhammad Yusrizki, Head of KADIN Net Zero Hub

Climateworks Centre brings corporate decarbonisation expertise to the partnership, providing knowledge and capacity building for Net Zero Hub members through the Corporate Assistance Program.

‘Climateworks will work with members to decarbonise supply chains, anticipate climate risks and implement ESG frameworks that make up the basis of global sustainability reporting, said Guntur Sutiyono, country lead for Climateworks in Indonesia.

‘For example, Climateworks will be working closely with the members to assist them to conduct their emission accounting.’

With experience and expertise through Southeast Asia, Australia and the Pacific, Climateworks can help translate and explain global sustainability standards, frameworks and best practices for Indonesian corporations.

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