Petra Christi recently joined Climateworks as a business analyst in our growing international program.

Based in Indonesia, Petra will work alongside senior project manager Guntur Sutiyono and support the development of Natural Disaster Insurance Framework and Sustainable Finance in Indonesia. 

Petra first encountered Climateworks through the Monash ‘work integrated learning’ program (WIL). When completing a Masters of Management, Petra chose ‘BEX5200: Climate change and carbon management strategies’ as an elective. The course, delivered by Climateworks, includes presentations from current staff. 

When Petra showed interest in the Climateworks international program, she was encouraged to apply for an internship through WIL. Petra interned for three months, working on an electricity roadmap for Indonesia. The team was impressed with Petra’s analytical skills and positive attitude and she was successful in gaining a full time role at the end of her internship.

Petra says the role was attractive because she enjoys the culture at Climateworks: ‘The whole team works together, regardless of their place in the hierarchy or level of seniority. My opinion and processes are respected.’ 

This is not the first time that a student completing a WIL placement through Monash University has found a role at Climateworks. Mei Shien Chew also joined Climateworks after taking BEX5200 and completing an internship. The program gives students practical learning experiences, but also benefits Climateworks in finding great candidates for longer-term opportunities. 

Petra grew up between Indonesia and Australia, and is fluent in Indonesian and English. She says she is optimistic about combating climate change in Indonesia. ‘People here feel the effects of climate change acutely. Day by day it gets hotter, the seasons change faster. But a growing number of people and institutions are working towards minimising the effects of climate change’.

Petra started her full time position as a business analyst in July. Another new recruit Mirza Rishad began with us in September, and is working as a Senior Analyst in Jakarta. Mirza joins us from Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (SMI), an infrastructure development and financing agency where he worked as analyst and project manager. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all our Jakarta-based staff are currently working from home. Climateworks looks forward to finding a more permanent space for our Indonesian team members.