In early June 2019, the Land Use Futures team – working with NAB and the Queensland State Government – ran the Natural Capital Summit, as part of ClimateWeek QLD 2019.

The Summit followed a series of collaborative workshops in capital cities across Australia, which involved over 150 participants representing nearly 100 organisations.

The Summit was an opportunity for participants to explore challenges and opportunities for integrating natural capital thinking into how Australia uses its land. The team hosted 150 leaders from across the land use sector, including farming, technology, conservation and natural resource management, finance and investment, policy, and research and development. 

Anna Skarbek presenting at the natural capital summit
Climateworks CEO Anna Skarbek presenting at the Natural Captial Summit

Participants and facilitators worked together to collaboratively develop the building blocks of a Natural Capital Roadmap, which will be published by the Climateworks program team in September. The roadmap will provide a framework for accelerating natural capital thinking in Australia, and also identify ‘early win’ projects as developed by participants at the Summit. The roadmap will ultimately help accelerate the impactful work already underway, and build momentum for the implementation of the most promising project ideas developed at the Summit.

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