Australia’s land is under increasing pressure as global demand for food and fibre increases and land use competition grows. There are ten food and land use transitions the world can adopt to better manage these challenges and opportunities.

Explore the ten critical transitions

The Food and Land Use Coalition (FOLU) has identified ten global transitions needed to transform the world’s food and land use systems. These transitions need to occur to provide adequate and nutritious food for the world’s growing population within the planet’s climate and ecological boundaries. The Australian country FOLU team is led by Climateworks Australia.

The Land Use Futures program at Climateworks is working articulate what sustainable land use in Australia might look like, and how the transformation might be achieved. This series covers the current state of play in Australia within each of the global transitions defined by FOLU. They explore what the major challenges and opportunities are for Australia, and list key current initiatives.

Explore the ten critical transitions through our interactive graphic and access the papers as they are released.