Years off your home loan, carbon-free flying, and cheaper, better batteries solved with sugar. All this and more in the latest good news in climate solutions.

Updates to the National Construction Code would make seven star energy home build mandatory. That could be good news for buyers, potentially shaving years off home loans. Poppy Johnson for the Fifth Estate.

Air New Zealand is collaborating with Airbus on a hydrogen-powered aircraft — with both signing an MoU for a joint research project to explore the opportunities and challenges for flying zero-emissions hydrogen aircraft in New Zealand. Air New Zealand Communications.

In more aviation news, the Rolls-Royce all-electric ‘Spirit of Innovation’ took its first flight, with its sights set on becoming the world’s fastest electric aircraft. Soraya Ebrahimi for The National News.

A new generation of batteries could see electric vehicles drive from Melbourne to Sydney in one charge, with a team from Monash University uncovering the key to longer-lasting lithium-sulfur batteries – sugar. James Purtill for ABC Science.

Denmark and Costa Rica are teaming up in the hope of forging an alliance of countries to set a fixed date for the phase out of old and gas production and stop permits for new exploration. Kate Abnett and Stime Jacobsen for Reuters.  

New South Wales energy minister Matt Kean has said the state can stop using coal power by 2030, and that he will not appeal the judgement by the state’s land and environment court on the EPA’s duty to address climate change. Adam Morton for the Guardian

Legislation to enable offshore wind builds in commonwealth waters was tabled in parliament, and could see Australia boost its renewable capabilities. Giles Parkinson for Renew Economy.

The International Chamber of Shipping and Intercargo have proposed a global levy on carbon emissions from ships, with money collected to contribute to a climate fund that would deploy bunkering infrastructure in ports across the globe to supply cleaner fuels. Jonathan Soble for the New Daily.

The NSW government has declared a goal of zero extinctions within national parks and raised the protection status of almost 100 species. Peter Hannam for Sydney Morning Herald. 

Sydney-born inventor Saul Griffith explains how Australia can rapidly get most of the way to net zero emissions using existing technology.  James Purtill for ABC News

Corporate net zero emissions commitments are on pace to hit a record level in Australia this year. Richard Henderson for Australian Financial Review. 

Three years ago, Spain’s Socialist Workers’ Party government signed an agreement with trade unions and energy companies to shut down the entire coal industry in return for early retirement and investment in replacement industries. Known as Transicion Justa, or ‘just transition’, it’s become the model for rapid transition from fossil fuel production. Eric Campbell for ABC News.

Australia’s energy, business and oil and gas lobbies have joined in the call for Prime Minister Scott Morrison to set a net zero emissions target for Australia ahead of COP26. Mike Foley for Sydney Morning Herald

More than 100 farmers, scientists and academics have come together to address climate change, as part of the first Tasmanian Climate Smart Agriculture Conference. The Examiner.