UK emissions continue to drop, our environment is getting healthier and the key lessons coronavirus has taught us as we battle climate change. All this and more in this month’s good news edition.

The epidemic provides a chance to do good by the climate

The easy way to boost countries’ economies is to throw money at established industries like energy, transport and construction, but governments could instead choose to invest in climate-friendly versions of these industries, writes The Economist.  

New renewable energy capacity hit record levels in 2019

Most new electricity globally was green and coronavirus bailouts must boost this further, says International Renewable Energy Agency.

At this challenging time, we are reminded of the importance of building resilience into our economies.

Francesco La Camera, Director General, Irena

We can learn from coronavirus

Christiana Figueres writes for Time on five lessons we can learn in the battle against climate change.

Like everyone else, I can’t believe we’ve learned these five lessons in a matter of days.

Christiana Figueres

UK emissions fall for seventh consecutive year

More than a third of British electricity was generated by renewables in 2019, writes Jillian Ambrose at the Guardian.

“Low-cost renewables are central to the government’s energy strategy and our sector will grow rapidly in the years ahead, as our domestic supply chain expands and we continue to seize multibillion pound export opportunities around the world.”

Melanie Onn, Deputy Chief Executive, RenewableUK

The coronavirus crisis has temporarily improved our environment

As economic activity has slowed, air quality over Europe and China has temporarily improved. For climate scientists, the way millions of people around the world have changed their behaviour shows it is possible to do the same for the climate crisis.

This is the first time I have seen such a dramatic drop-off over such a wide area for a specific event.

NASA air quality researcher Fei Liu

European Council raises hopes of green stimulus package to combat economic fallout of COVID-19, writes Marian Willuhn at PV Magazine.

Adelaide’s Core Lithium has a goal to be Australia’s next lithium producer, and is gearing up to have its Northern Territory project construction-ready by the midd­le of the year, reports Adelaide Now.

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