Kylie Turner smiles. Green background.
Kylie Turner

Kylie Turner, Sustainable Economies Lead, Climateworks Centre who is in the Budget lock-up and has decades of experience working across government, business and the not-for-profit sector. She can discuss the economic implications of the Budget, and how this aligns with Australia’s climate targets. Location: Canberra 

‘As global climate activity gains momentum, this Budget is an opportunity for the federal government to build on work already underway.

A prosperous Australia run on renewable energy, with thriving clean industries and exports requires consistent, considered effort from government.

Courageous leadership in this Budget could help us on the way to becoming a renewable energy superpower and avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

Luke Brown smiles, green background
Luke Brown

Luke Brown, Head of Policy and Engagement, Climateworks Centre and former Australian career diplomat with 13 years service in Canberra, Indonesia, Samoa, Fiji and the United States. Luke can respond to the key climate and clean energy elements of the Budget, and how Australia’s leadership on climate can contribute to our regional security. Location: Melbourne

‘This is a critical decade for climate action, and our research tells us the time to invest in decarbonising the Australian economy is now.

This budget sets the right foundation for us to do that work, but of course this will be a long term process. 

Australia’s actions matter in the region. Our neighbours in the Pacific and in Southeast Asia are increasingly looking to us to cooperate and demonstrate leadership in helping to tackle the climate challenges we face as the most disaster prone region in the world.

Dr Gill Armstrong

Dr Gill Armstrong, Buildings Project Impact Manager, Climateworks Centre, is a leading researcher on decarbonising Australia’s buildings sector, with more than a decade of experience as a registered architect (UK) and chartered architectural technologist. In the current cost of living crisis, Gill can respond to Budget priorities for better buildings, addressing how incentives can contribute to national energy security, improved health and lower bills. Location: Melbourne

‘We are feeling cost of living pressures, as well as the urgent need for climate action, and the Budget is an opportunity to address both, starting with the buildings that we live and work in.

There are many things individuals or businesses can do that are relatively low cost to improve our homes and offices, but as you move into more advanced areas like upgraded heating, phasing out gas or implementing national energy efficiency disclosures – those are  areas ripe for government support.

The Budget is an opportunity for the federal government to secure cleaner, healthier and cheaper to run buildings for all Australians.’ 

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