On May 6 the Energy Efficiency Council launched the first episode of its new podcast, First Fuel, on energy efficiency, energy management and demand response, with Climateworks CEO Anna Skarbek and our major report Decarbonisation Futures the first to be featured.

Discussing the urgency for action, Anna Skarbek referred to the findings at the New York climate summit.

The science was terrifying, actually. It confirmed that climate impacts were hitting harder and sooner than predicted a decade ago and that the world as we know is headed for 3-4 degrees, not well under 2. The report which was called United in Science, gathered up what increase in action was called for, and calculated that it’s in fact a fivefold in climate action that’s needed and that in the next decade emissions must halve worldwide.

Anna Skarbek

Climateworks’ major report Decarbonisation Futures shows an ‘all-in’ pathway where achieving 1.5 degrees is possible, which Anna Skarbek points out, is exponentially different.

Our research shows in time you’ve got to go a decade faster in terms of reaching net zero before 2050, but on the science, it’s fundamental. At 2 degrees, coral reefs do not survive but at 1.5 they have enough years where they are not bleached that they can recover.

Anna Skarbek

Listen to the full episode below.