Climateworks Centre research shows Australia has the technology to achieve net zero emissions by 2035, CEO Anna Skarbek tells the makers of a documentary released this month.

‘The solutions are there — we’ve got to roll them out fast, so we can live life as we currently live,’ she says in the latest episode of Monash University documentary series A Different Lens.

A close-up of Anna Skarbek standing outside smiling at the camera
Climateworks Centre CEO Anna Skarbek appears in the latest episode of a Monash University documentary series. (Image: Supplied)

The video series interviews academic and industry leaders about the challenges that will shape our future.

The most recent episode is titled ‘The Climate Crisis’. It features Ms Skarbek and others, including Monash Sustainable Development Institute director Professor Tony Capon, detailing the action needed now on climate change.

In the video, Ms Skarbek says that a zero-emissions economy is possible with little change to our lifestyle ‘provided we switch the energy sources to zero emission energy and restore nature at the same time’.

‘Each industry and each company should be making net zero emissions plans for their own products and services — and for their customers, and for their supply chain,’ Ms Skarbek says.

In an article accompanying the documentary, Monash University Faculty of Education Professor Alan Reid says the episode exemplifies two big tasks for climate literacy.

‘The first is to ensure that culturally-relevant climate change education helps us all understand this problem from wherever we may start in facing the climate crisis,’ Professor Reid says.

‘The second is that any talk of climate change education needs both careful design and concrete support to ensure it resonates, is rigorous and broad-based, and is of the highest quality to do justice to the degree of existential threat the episode illustrates.’

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