Climateworks has been getting active for an important cause this month, with teams taking part in Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s STEPtember to raise funds and awareness for people living with cerebral palsy.

STEPtember is Australia’s leading health and wellness fundraising event, where participants walk, swim, ride, wheel or spin their way to 10,000 steps per day for 28 days in a fun, safe and (this year) virtual environment. This year, the Climateworks team stepped up to take part.

With the bulk of our staff located  in Melbourne, lockdown restrictions meant getting the 10,000 daily steps proved  more challenging than the past, but it  also provided a chance to connect with team mates.

We motivated each other, exchanged our experiences and found joint activities, such as a 6.30 boot camp!


STEPtember has definitely come at a good time to force me to get out in the sunshine and get some steps in, while we’re still working from home.


I’ve really enjoyed it! Definitely shines a spotlight on how my movement is lumped into a few days rather than spread across the week, and it has been a good reminder to get moving every day, even if it is just a 30 min walk around the block.


During the previous months of lockdown, my average number of steps a day was around 3,500 to 4,000. In September, it doubled! I had not realised that walking 10,000 steps a day was a real commitment, it’s not an easy target!


For much of the month, Melburnians have been limited to one hour of outside activity, so the team have had to get creative to get their steps up.

I’ve been getting up early for a short yoga session, squeezing in a lunchtime walk to grab some sunshine and fresh air while picking up food, evening runs with friends who live around me and doing household chores more frequently (to make up those residual steps!)


Walking meetings! Trying to squeeze in a pre-work or lunchtime walk, instead of just staying stuck at the desk. And squeezing in steps wherever possible, such as walking to the shops instead of driving or taking public transport.


Get up early, it’s best part of the day. Try to achieve half your step goal, and then finish after work or smash it in one hit. Kmart sells a little step machine that you can have in your office while in meetings to get some quick steps in.


I built up a routine to do one part in the morning (boot camp, yoga, run) and another part in the evening after work, mainly a nice relaxing walk. STEPtember gave me the extra push to go out after work, I will definitely continue this!


As well as the personal health, social and mental health benefits STEPtember is supporting adults and children living with cerebral palsy to live their best lives. Together, the teams have raised almost $1,700.

My fundraising tips are to reciprocate with friends or others in my network who are doing similar challenges, taking advantage of matching donations as a ‘”gentle reminder'” and keeping my friends updated on my step count – they feel like they’re part of the team!


I’ve been sharing my progress throughout the month on social media, once I met my step goal I shared a celebratory post and got a big spike in donations!


If you can tee up the person who will give you the biggest donation get them to donate to you first that sets the bar high (it could be a family member or even yourself). Give a personal connection or reason you are doing the challenge to help people feel connected.


There is still time to donate to STEPtember! Climateworks is stepping as part of Monash University, head here to donate.